Kids & Chiropractic

It’s Never Too Soon

Subluxations can occur at any time in a childs life. The first one may very well have occurred at your baby’s birth. That is why parents who understand the importance of being subluxation-free have their newborns examined by their chiropractor as soon after birth as possible. Dr. Bergtold knows this is very important. He has examined several newborns brought to him within weeks of their birth, including both of his daughters which he examined immediately after their delivery.

By correcting subluxations at an early age, the damage that inevitably comes from functioning at less than optimal levels can be prevented. The longer a subluxation is present within the body, the greater the damage. In fact, the longer a subluxation is present, the longer your child’s body will continue to “reproduce itself” (i.e., grow) in the wrong way!

Kids Make Great Patients

Adjusting a child is not a difficult procedure. In most cases, a child’s spine is much easier to adjust than an adult’s. They have not had the long-standing subluxations, their muscles are not as tense and they're usually more relaxed in general than adults.

Not only are kids easier to adjust, but in most cases, they usually hold their adjustments for longer periods of time and their corrective adjustment plans are almost always significantly shorter than the average adult. However, due to the generally active livestyle most kids experience along with falls and accidents, regular check-ups are vital.

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